Mark Ruffalo: A 'Hulk' movie will never happen

If you’re hankering for a new stand-alone "Hulk" film, the big green man himself has some bad news for you.

"The Avengers" star Mark Ruffalo, who plays Dr. Bruce Banner in the smash-hit big screen franchise, said he didn’t think a stand-alone "Hulk" film would ever happen again in a recent interview with Variety.

And the reason is more down to studio politics than the tepid reception for the two previous "Hulk" stand-alone films, 2003’s "Hulk" (starring Eric Bana) and 2008’s "The Incredible Hulk" (with Edward Norton in the lead role).

“I wanna make just one thing perfectly clear today, a stand-alone 'Hulk' movie will never happen,” Ruffalo told a reporter in a red carpet interview.

“Universal has the rights to the stand-alone 'Hulk' movie, and for some reason they don’t know how to play well with Marvel,” he continued. “And they don’t want to make money."

Ruffalo, who first took over as the shapeshifting Dr. Bruce Banner for 2012’s "The Avengers" and will be seen in at least three upcoming films in the franchise, said he thought he had about “two or three more years” until he was considered too old to be a comic book action hero.

The 49-year-old admitted he felt disappointed he wouldn’t get his own stand-alone "Hulk" movie, given "The Avengers" franchise’s massive success.

“We’ve talked about it, but I don’t see it in the cards. I just don’t see it. It means a lot to me, I really love this character,” he sighed.

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