Lisa Kudrow: 'I'm the least fit person you've ever met'

Lisa Kudrow isn’t holding back about her gym routine, or lack of one.

The “Friends” star opened up to Us Weekly about her fitness routine and how it mainly dwindle downs to walking.

“I’m the least fit person you’ve ever met,” she told the entertainment magazine.

Kudrow’s comment comes while she and former co-star Courteney Cox attend the “Burn to Remember” event at Burn 60 in West Hollywood, Calif., on Friday.

Kudrow’s character in “Friends,” Phoebe Buffay, had an iconic scene in the series where her hilarious style of running became the topic of conversation.

Cox also told the magazine she was more into workout classes, despite her reluctance to attend them.

“I’m the one that’s the most reluctant and the last to leave [a workout class]. I never want to go anywhere and then I’m like, [in peppier voice] ‘Bye everybody!’” Cox said.

Kudrow, Cox and Jennifer Aniston are still close friends since the series ended. Cox and Kudrow talked about a “group text chain” the trio still have together.