Lindsay Lohan Goes to 'Church' and Cries in a Club

Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend squashing her woes - at Church. But before you think she’s turning to the Lord for answers, she actually turned to retail for therapy by buying up big at Church Boutique in West Hollywood and even gave them a plug on her Twitter.

The night before however, Lohan partied up a storm at Crown Bar for Brittny Gastineau’s birthday but left in the wee hours, flanked by security and sobbing. According to an insider, Lohan spent the night holed up in a corner in close conversation with friends.

“She was happy for most of the night chatting with her friends, then the texting and emailing started and she was preoccupied for ages,” said our source. “At one point Lindsay walked to the other side of the club by herself, totally engaged with her phone.”

Another eyewitness told us that the troubled Tinseltowner seemed in high spirits while hanging with her pals, but her mood changed suddenly.

“One second she was smiling and the next second she just flipped out and left really fast,” said our source. “Her emotions are all over the place. Lindsay is a total mess and still going back and forth with Samantha (Ronson).”

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And if her love life isn’t traumatic enough, her war with father Michael Lohan appears to be raging on. According to Page Six, Michael attempted to shop her leaked telephone conversations to numerous TV stations and Web sites for $100,000 (but was declined) before brokering a deal with Radar Online for them to air the tapes for free in exchange for a paid interview.

Tarts has also been told that daddy Michael won’t stop with the leaked messages until Lindsay seeks proper help for her “problems.”

“He’s her father and he’s genuinely worried about Lindsay, this is the only way he thinks he can get her to get help,” said our source.