LeAnn Rimes' Pumpkin-Crazed Weekend and Arlington Club's Buttery Steak for Two

Here's what everybody won't stop talking about:

LeAnn Rimes reportedy bought two shopping carts' worth of pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles on Saturday (see one below). That sure is a lot of pumpkins, but in LeAnn's defense, pumpkin-spice lattes taste a whole lot better when you drink them from actual, freshly carved pumpkins.

Looking for something to go with your pumpkin-spice latte? Check out the recipe for Arlington Club's enormous côte de boeuf (aka cowboy steak or rib-eye) in the video above. Not only is it large enough to share, but it's dripping in a secret crowd-pleasing ingredient (It's butter. Cat's outta the bag.)

This past Sunday on Instagram, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski (of "Gone Girl" and the "Blurred Lines" music video) shared yet another topless photo from an older Calvin Klein photoshoot (below). So apparently, she's stockpiling these for days when nobody's organically interested in her naked body.

On Monday morning, Gwen Stefani released a new single called "Baby Don't Lie" (below), no doubt after a traumatic run-in with one especially dishonest baby.

According to Us Weekly's sources, Mario Lopez had a one-night stand with Britney Spears back around 2007 or 2008. Interestingly enough, that's right before she released "Womanizer," which, upon further review, she didn't write. So perhaps they simply enjoyed themselves and went their separate ways. (How boring.)

Former "Buffy" star Sarah Michelle Gellar chopped off a bunch of her hair, effectively giving herself a wob, pictured below. (If you don't know what a "wob" is, it's a wavy lob. And if you don't know what a "lob" is, it's a long bob. And if you stopped reading long ago, we can't blame you.)

Among other unsavory problems with political correctness, Blake Lively's lifestyle website Preserve was recently accused of plaigiarism. And to think, we almost believed her writer's musings on the habits of pre-Civil War homemakers were his/her own!

It was announced on Monday that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their second child sometime in April of 2015. And perhaps nobody is more excited than that jerk who pretended to be a "royal town crier" during Prince George's birth. There are only so many opportunities to wear a big feathery hat, after all.

According to an extra on the set of the upcoming "Batman v. Superman" film, the character of Robin is going to be played by a female — namely, Jena Malone. So, at the very least, Robin is going to look a heck of a lot better in form-fitting latex than Chris O'Donnell ever did.

Susan Sarandon has reportedly accepted a role in the upcoming Lifetime miniseries about Marilyn Monroe. She also signed on knowing full well that this thing was going to end up on Lifetime rather than HBO, Showtime, AMC, or even FX, where this series might have had a fighting chance at an Emmy.

On Monday morning, Taylor Swift released a snippet of her new song "Welcome to New York" (hear it below), and it sure seems like it was written in conjunction with the New York Board of Tourism. We can already picture the lush, wooded landscapes of the Catskills, can't you?

Last Friday, James Franco took the opportunity to show off his temporary (hopefully) head tattoo of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, proabably because "guy with head tattoo of Elizabeth Taylor of Montgomery Clift" was the only thing missing from his obnoxiously long resume.

Jake Gyllenhaal told Entertainment Weekly that he ate mostly kale salads in order to lose weight for his role in "Nightcrawler." But he's probably not talking about those fun kale salads, with the parmesan cheese and rich anchovy dressing. By the looks of him, he was ingesteing kale in its simplest, purest, and most repulsive form.

And finally, "Work It" rapper Missy Elliot turned up at an event for H&M last week looking skinnier than ever. So all that time she's been out of the spotlight, she was apparently putting her thang down, flipping it, reversing it, and then repeating for 25 to 30 reps.