'Last Man Standing' star Tim Allen thanks fans in behind-the-scenes look at Season 7

Tim Allen is excited to be back on the set of “Last Man Standing” at a new network. The star can be seen in new promotional videos teasing the upcoming Season 7 return and thanking fans for their support in reviving the canceled series.

Fox, which took over the show after it was canceled at ABC, released a pair of promotional videos over the weekend in which the cast and crew returned to set overjoyed and thankful to the fans for making it all happen.

“I would say the fan base, without any jokes, was startling,” Allen says in the first video.

He continued: “There are so many people on the internet that wrote in to bring all this big family back.”

The video also highlighted Chad Miller, a “super fan” who was instrumental in leading the social media charge that helped get “Last Man Standing” picked up at a new network. As previously reported, fans were given their first look at the new season by way of a promo in which the characters mocked ABC for canceling it despite what fans wanted. For those unfamiliar, “Last Man Standing” was the second highest rated show on the network before ABC gave it the boot.

In a separate video, fans were treated to another look at what to expect from the show’s return by way of a behind-the-scenes video from the first episode back. A banner that reads “Welcome Back” hangs in the familiar Baxter living room and Allen himself greets the adoring crowd that’s chanting the same words.

“It’s so great to be back with all you guys. Enjoy the show, we just love you to death,” he tells them.

The show returns later this month for the highly-anticipated Season 7.