Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa Kiss - Divorce Over?

The divorce drama may have ended for LA Lakers Star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa.

Sources reported to TMZ that the pair are reconciling, even spending Valentine’s Day Together.

Pictures have surfaced showing the gorgeous Mexicana cheering on her soon to be ex-hubby at Tuesday night’s Lakers game against the Atlanta Hawks.

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After smiling at her man from the sidelines, the couple was seen kissing while heading towards the Laker locker room at the Staples Center.

Even though the couple has filed for divorce it won’t be final until June, leaving plenty of time for the couple to reconcile permanently.

With or without her man, Vanessa is set to receive three of the couple’s mansions worth over $18 million dollars.

The properties that Mrs. Bryant has transferred to her name include the mansion inside the Pelican Hill Resort which is still under construction worth $ 11.2 million, their other Newport Beach home which was co-owned, worth $2.9 million, and the home which was under Kobe's trust worth $4.7 million.

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Since the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, if they do decide to make the divorce final, Vanessa will inherit half of everything Kobe has made in their 10 years of marriage.

Sources close to the basketball wife though will not be surprised if Vanessa decides to gets back together with her husband, even though allegations of infidelity have plagued their marriage from the beginning.

Vanessa claims she caught her husband with "multiple women" over the years, but she felt the latest incident was the final straw, prompting her to file for divorce.

Vanessa, whose parents are both Mexican, was not believed to have been a favorite of Kobe's parents. Joe Bryant, Kobe's dad, had reportedly turned his back on the relationship because the family did not approve of Vanessa. It's been widely reported that his parents weren't crazy about him marrying a Latina.

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