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Business of Sports: 2/18

Daytona 500 and NBA All-Star game duke it out on the same weekend

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  1. Greta Live Wire: 7/6

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Monday's 'On the Record'

  2. Hot Ticket

    Jackson fans await memorial lottery, death probe focuses on doctors

  3. Drug Connection?

    Police looking for doctor who lived in Michael Jackson's home who reportedly gave Jackson daily Demerol injections

  4. Greta Live Wire: 7/7

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Tuesday's 'On the Record'

  5. Remembering Michael

    Geraldo Rivera recounts his interactions with Michael Jackson

  6. Does Debbie Want Custody or Not?

    Does Debbie Rowe now want custody of children she had with Jackson?

  7. Michael Jackson Estate

    Judge denies mom's will request, thousands pick up memorial tickets

  8. Death Probe

    Jackson funeral plans unclear as DEA joins investigation

  9. Diane's Den 7/7

    Making a buck on MJ's memorial; celebrity twins; big price tag on Alan Jackson's estate; celebrity birthdays

  10. Honoring the Wrong Man?

    Military families upset about public fanfare over Michael Jackson's death

  11. 'Wacko' Infatuation

    Why couldn't we ignore Michael Jackson's strange behavior

  12. The Last Rehearsal

    Photographer who took last pics of Michael Jackson before his death goes 'On the Record'

  1. Jackson Memorial

    City officials and police scramble to figure out logistics, funding

  2. Ticket Trouble

    Overwhelming demand for Michael Jackson memorial tickets

  3. 'Special Event'

    What should we expect at Jackson memorial service? Former family attorney weighs in

  4. 'Michael Was Always Michael'

    Jackson family attorney sheds light on life of pop star

  5. Footing the Bill

    How will Los Angeles pay for Michael Jackson's memorial?

  6. 'He was THE Man'

    'Soul Train' creator Don Cornelius remembers Michael Jackson

  7. Kicked Out for Personal Politics

    Sports fan asked to leave NBA game for wearing a shirt supporting Arizona's controversial law

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