JWOWW wears bra made of duct tape for photo shoot

You've heard you can fix anything with duct tape? JWOWW just proved that.

The “Jersey Shore” star sported a makeshift duct tape bra for a photo shoot for NOH8, an organization that focuses on issues like ending bullying and promoting marriage equality.

The reality star told MTV she reached out to NOH8 and initiated the shoot.

“I messaged them [on Twitter] so I wouldn’t embarrass myself being like, ‘Hey, you guys want to do a photo shoot with me? I love your cause; I think it’s amazing,’” she said. “They completely agreed. The first opportunity I got to meet with them, I did. It was a great experience. The story blew up because of human kindness. Don’t hate on your fellow man. It’s very inspirational.”

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley said the issues NOH8 supports became more important to her when she got engaged to her boyfriend, Roger.

Their sometimes turbulent relationship have been featured on “Jersey Shore” and the spinoff series “Snooki and JWOWW.” She told MTV the couple has not made much progress planning their wedding.

She does, however, know what kind of wedding dress she wants, and it will be true to her signature JWOWW style.

“I know I want a tight princess cut dress with boobs out,” she said, adding she has also begun thinking about the pre-wedding festivities. “And a bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas.”