Julia Roberts Signs On As Global Ambassador for Lancome

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Famed Beverly Hills Courier columnist George Christy gives you an insider's peek into Hollywood's A-list parties and personalities.

Sarah Jessica Parker as creative director? Well, yes. Chosen to head the team of the Halston design empire, updating vintage pieces for contemporary lifestyles. And Julia Roberts is now dubbed as the "Lady of Lancome" by WWD, a global ambassador for the L’Oreal brand, telling reporters in Paris, “I have to stand up straighter, and wash my face more. Isn’t this every girl’s dream … to be 42, have three kids – two are twins -- and be a working mom.  Says a lot about Lancome and what it stands for.”

Julia’s first ad photo for Lancome was shot by Mario Testino, and will appear in U.S. media this summer when her "Eat, Pray, Love," based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller about a post-divorcee traveling the world to find herself, is released.  By then, Julia will have filmed "Larry Crowne," co-starring Tom Hanks about a man who needs to reinvent himself.  Tom is directing, with the filming in Los Angeles.

She’s appearing in a cameo in Garry Marshall’s "Valentine’s Day" written by Katherine Fugate with a cast that yearned to work with Garry ("Pretty Woman").   A romp about up-and-down Los Angeles relationships involving Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper (in a surprising twist that prompted crazy howls from the premiere audience), Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Hector Elizondo, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway, Carter Jenkins, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner, George Lopez, Shirley MacLaine, Emma Roberts (Julia’s niece), Taylor Swift and Larry Miller.  Some actors stand up to the plate, while others … umm.   As for the stories, best to let logic go to the moon.

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