Jonah Hill Drops Major Pounds: Which Star Was Better Chubby?

Wow, is that really Jonah Hill?

The guy who played the fat guy in "Knocked Up" (not Seth Rogen, the other fat guy) appeared at Wednesday night's ESPY Awards looking almost rail thin -- and sporting a neatly tailored suit and close-cropped haircut.

He sure cleans up good!

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: See the stars who were better off chubby.

But the fact that you can barely recognize Hill isn't necessarily great for his career.

A source close to Hill recently told E!, "If he gets too slim, he'll stop being the 'fat, funny' guy and he'll need to do something else to set himself apart from the rest ... Pretty interesting that even the popular schlubby guys are feeling the heat to look better and hotter."

Hill is not the only star to completely change his look lately.

His "Superbad" co-star Seth Rogen dropped some serious pooundage.

"That's So Raven" actress Raven-Symone has been looking a little less Raven recently -- and a lot more Hollywood glam.

And Jennifer Hudson has basically morphed into a different person.

But sometimes, we can't help but miss these stars the way they used to be -- fat-ish, flawed, and funny.

Let us know: Which celeb was better off chubby?