Jennifer Lopez, other 'American Idol' judges blown away by Carlos Santana's nephew

He played acoustic guitar despite a soft cast on his right wrist from a skateboarding accident. He referred to himself as being silly and inadvertently coined a band name. The judges all thought he looked like Jimmy Fallon.

But there wasn't anything funny about Adam Lasher's soulful musical performance Thursday night auditioning for "American Idol."

The 27-year-old nephew of guitar god, Carlos Santana, played an original song called, "These Shoes," and appeared to impress judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban.

Especially JLo, who right away seemed to think the scruffy Lasher was a bit on the cute side. The May-December motif of their interaction was accentuated by the schoolgirl blouse-and-tie outfit she was wearing as well as by association to her current movie, "The Boy Next Door."

Even before Lasher started performing, Lopez made a celebrity connection – just, the wrong one.

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"Do you ever get that you look like Jimmy Fallon?" Lopez asked Lasher.

"It's freaking me out," agreed Connick.

Although Ryan Seacrest mentioned Lasher's relationship to Santana in introducing the California native to the audience (Lasher called his uncle "a Jedi with the guitar"), it wasn't clear whether the judges knew about the connection.

Urban was more curious about a black pouch on Lasher's guitar strap. "Is that your phone?" he asked.

"No, I'm diabetic," Lasher explained. "It's my robotic pancreas, you could say."

The pancreas is the organ that produces insulin, which helps the body regulate blood sugar levels – all of which seemed to be beyond Urban who quipped, "That sounds like the ultimate punk band name."

That prompted Connick to give an impression of what a band called Robotic Pancreas might sound like.

Lopez interrupted by urging Lasher to start playing. "Go ahead, baby," she cooed. "Take a second if it's too much energy right now."

Connick and Urban were still chuckling and making comments while Lasher picked out the song's intro, but when he strummed into the verses, all other sound died away.

The judges sat rapt listening, Lopez swaying in her seat and smiling when Lasher belted out the song's chorus.

When they finally stopped him, Connick called him "Jimmy" – but if Lasher's performance is any indication, people won't have a hard time remembering his name for long.

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