Ireland Baldwin's Underwear Snapshots, King Bee's Unbeatable Ribeye Sauce, and Much, Much More

Here's what's going on:

Earlier this week, Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland Baldwin posted multiple revealing underwear photos to Instagram (see one below). And among the other nubile, fleshier parts of her body, the pictures more than accomplish their goal of finally getting us to notice her large Helly Kitty arm tattoo.

Just as a scantily clad 19-year-old feels nude without a tattoo, a steak just seems incomplete without a great sauce. Watch the video above as Jeremie Tomczak, the chef at King Bee in NYC, shows us how to make a killer sauce to complement his restaurant's

Selena Gomez posed topless for the latest issue of V magazine (below), wearing nothing but Daisy Dukes, some hoop earrings and a decorative polka-dot bow. In other words, she's still trying desperately to shed her former "Disney" ties, albeit with the notable exception of Minnie Mouse's headgear.

Sunday night's "Saturday Night Live" anniversary special ("SNL 40") drew more than 23 million viewers, making it the NBC's most-watched prime-time show since the series finale of "Will and Grace" in 2006.  And to think, all it took was every celebrated comedian who has ever appeared on "Saturday Night Live" since its inception, plus Taylor Swift.

"Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus posed shirtless for the cover of Flaunt magazine's latest issue (below), proving once and for all that the best workout for abs is murdering humanoids, over and over, with a crossbow.

"It's My Party" singer Leslie Gore, who is most fondly remembered for giving us license to cry at our own parties, passed away on Monday at the age of 68 following a battle with cancer. But now, just so you can get "It's My Party" out of your head, take a moment to remember Gore with another one of her fantastic hits:

Following the leak of his very specific demands for guacamole while on tour, White Stripes frontman Jack White posted an open letter to his record label's website on Sunday to chastise the media for picking up on the story. In related news, your grandma is flattered that you asked for her soup recipe last week.

"Spring Breakers" actress Ashley Benson arrived for the Reem Acra show at New York Fashion Week wearing a ridiculously revealing dress (below), prompting any men who were sitting next to her to try and take covert selfies to show their friends later on.

Armie Hammer, the star of the upcoming adaptation of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," helped to stop a reckless driver on Sunday by using his and his friends' Vespas to block the driver's Ferrari. They succeeded in getting the car to slow down, and also in getting several of the most obnoxious vehicles to park in the middle of a busy L.A. street.

On Monday, Lady Gaga confirmed her engagement to "Chicago Fire" actor Taylor Kinney by posting a photo of her huge, heart-shaped rock on Instagram (below). At the moment, however, it's unknown if she'll be taking Kinney's surname, or if Kinney simply plans to change his name to "Lord Gaga."

And finally, during a recent tech conference in Australia, Ashton Kutcher lightened up the crown by casually mentioning that he "get[s] to have sex with" Mila Kunis on a regular basis. Newsflash, Ashton: All those computer nerds you just spoke to? They get to have sex with her too … in their minds. So it's not really that big a deal.