Harrison Ford will Play Han Solo in New Star Wars, Latino-Review Says

Harrison Ford will play Hans Solo again in the Star Wars, Latino-Review tells Fox News Latino.

The Hollywood gossip website has broken entertainment news for nearly 10 years, scooping even TV and movie trade papers.

Cited by the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and polarized in tinsel-town, Kelvin Chavez and Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzalez, two Latinos from Queens, New York have dedicated their lives to informing their readers about movies -- specifically superhero flicks. The two long-time friends get insider information that movie studios don’t want to talk about.

As a spinoff of Latino-Review, Gonzalez and Chavez are launching a startup called Mayimbe Media, their first step into the content business where they would acquire and produce English- language, small-budget genre films with Latinos in them.

According to Gonzalez, “The American Latino film audience is the most undeserved film market in the U.S. Our focus is to remain uniquely Latino yet widely universal. Exactly like we do on Latino-Review.

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He said they want to “focus on commercial content that not only would appeal to Latinos but to mainstream audiences as well.”

Fox News Latino sat down with “El Mayimbe” to talk about covering Hollywood, his career, some of the big news he’s broken and an exclusive scoop about the new Star Wars franchise.

Latino-Review says Harrison Ford will be involved in the new Star Wars franchise. Find out more in the exclusive video.

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