Four4Four: Bieber's raid, Kanye's rage, Penn's flame, 'Idol' center stage

Welcome to ‘Four4Four,’ where four Fox editors duke it out over four entertainment stories … in four minutes.

First up, LA cops sent 11 squad cars to issue a warrant on Justin Bieber for maybe egging his neighbor. Overkill anyone?

Next, Kanye West came out swinging when some random guy screamed mean things at Kim Kardashian. Was Kanye wrong, egged on, or both?

Sean Penn is in the news for melting his 65 guns at the behest of his new girlfriend, Charlize Theron. Is Penn making a considered change in his stance on gun ownership, or simply caving to his hot new fling?

And finally – ‘American Idol’ is back! But can it reverse its downward ratings trend, or will Season 13 be ‘Idol’s unluckiest yet?

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