Former Miss Universe announces book on Donald Trump and their rocky relationship

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If there's somebody not too surprised by Donald Trump’s incendiary comments on Mexican immigrants that would probably be Miss Universe 1996, Venezuelan Alicia Machado, who was once told by the mogul she was “an eating machine” because she had gained weight in the months following her coronation.

Now Machado, a well-known telenovela actress in the Spanish-speaking world, is fighting back with a book she says will provide all the juicy details of their rocky relationship.

But Machado, who once called Trump an “imbecile,” is not providing any advance details yet, saying only that she plans to narrate the "abuse of power, arrogance and racism" shown by Trump on different occasions.

In a statement, her publicist Alberto Gomez said Machado has received numerous requests for interviews, but she is currently busy with the taping of “La Imperdonable” (“The Unforgivable”) and will not comment on the issue until she’s done with that commitment.

"Out of respect for her current work in 'The Unforgiven' with Mexican broadcaster Televisa, Alicia Machado will not make any comment at this time regarding this issue, although it is important to note that she has shown her displeasure and disapproval of the person and comments by Mr. Trump for quite some time."

He said the upcoming book “will allude to all the details, abuse of power, arrogance and racism of Donald Trump, which she suffered in the flesh as an underage, an issue that Alicia brought repeatedly to the media at the time and that for the first time will be revealed in detail for the whole world to know who this character really is, now that he has gained even more notoriety with his attacks on the Mexican people."

In the 19 years since she became Venezuela’s fourth Miss Universe, Machado has come under fire more than once. In 1998 she was involved in a murder case along with her boyfriend at the time, and she has also been accused of having a relationship with a notorious drug dealer, with whom she allegedly has a child.

All throughout, however, she never stopped being vocal about Trump, whom she once called “a detestable man.”

“My time in the competition was hell,” she said.

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