Former "Bachelorette" Kaitlyn Bristowe told Fox News she is not watching Nick Viall on "The Bachelor" right now, in fact, she's not too interested in the ABC dating franchise at all.

Bristowe said she hasn't tuned in for "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" in some time.

“I haven’t watched like the last three seasons — nothing personal it’s just that we have been so busy and traveling and...don’t carve out time for ‘The Bachelor’ on Mondays anymore and we also don’t have cable.”

"The Bachelor" is on ABC -- network TV not cable -- so apparently Bristowe really doesn't put too much thought into the show that made her famous these days.

Bristowe told us during her time on the reality show, the emotions were real but the editing was heavy.

“I don’t think it’s scripted… I don’t think you need a script when you have that much emotion,” she said. “You can’t talk to the outside world. You don’t have a phone. You don’t watch TV. You can’t talk to your family and friends so you are emotional and I don’t think you need a script when you have 25 women in one room. I think everything you see is pretty real... There is a lot of editing that goes on but the emotion is real.”

Bristowe starred on the 11th season of “The Bachelorette” in which Viall proposed to her and she turned him down. She is currently engaged to Shawn Booth, also from the ABC franchise, but she wishes Viall the best.

“I think this will be the one for him. It will all work out! It has to.”

The 31-year-old was in Canada this past weekend celebrating Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Air Canada’s new hotel package, Après in the Air. Acting as a "super Canadian" for the weekend, she enjoyed all the outdoor activities Canada has to offer— ice skating, ice fishing, and dog sledding.

"I am Canadian so I love that Canada is on the top of everyone’s travel lists this year," she explained. "So I got to be one of the first to experience the once in a lifetime travel package."

And Bristowe is excited for 2017 and her and her fiancé to plan their wedding.

"We always say this but we do want to start wedding planning," she said with a laugh. "But I am also starting a podcast in March and I’ve been in Nashville so I’ve been doing a lot of songwriting and singing which I hope to share with people soon."