FNM Exclusive: DJ Paris Hilton Explains What a 'Foam and Diamonds' Party Is

Paris Hilton is an entrepreneur, a reality star, a model and a fragrance magnate — but somewhere along the line, she also found time to become one of the most in-demand DJs in the world.

"I love DJing because I love music. I love going out. I love entertaining people and being up on stage," Paris tells FNM in the exclusive video interview above. "Just feeling the energy of everyone is incredible. There's nothing like it."

Since becoming the hottest DJ on Earth, Paris has had a few wild nights, too

"Every single night I play in Ibiza is crazy," says the socialite, who currently holds down a gig as the resident DJ of the island's Amnesia nightclub. "I start playing around 4AM to 6AM, and then after that, spraying the foam. It's called a 'Foam and Diamonds' party … It's pretty wild."

For more about Hilton's wild "Foam and Diamonds" parties, as well as her thoughts on what makes a great DJ, be sure to watch the rest of her interview above.