Farrah Abraham talks new implants, Tan Mom and using ‘your brain and not your body’ for attention

Farrah Abraham first made headlines as a pregnant high school cheerleader on MTV’s hit reality series “16 and Pregnant” and its spinoff  show “Teen Mom,” but it was not until her sex tape went public that Farrah became a tabloid sensation.  The single mother spoke to FOX411 about her fame, her regrets and her future.

FOX411: Your sex tape outsold Kim Kardashian’s video.  How does that make you feel?
Abraham: It made me feel good.  It’s like, “Wow!”  TMZ wanted to say mean and horrible things and be derogatory.  People support me.  I’m really happy.  I’m pretty blessed.  I don’t compare myself to others in entertainment, and I want to make better choices for my future.

FOX411:  Will you show or tell your daughter about the video one day?
Abraham:  I plan on approaching it when we’re regularly talking about contraception, boyfriends.  I was sexually experimenting and if you do it, it should be with a quality person.  The more mistakes I may make the better for my daughter.  It helps us become successful in the end.  It helps me be stronger.

FOX411:  How is your daughter Sophia?
Abraham:  She’s doing amazing. She’s in private school.  She’s taking ballet.  She’s with me in Austin.

FOX411:  What really happened [when you reportedly got kicked out of a Miami rehab facility]
Abraham:  My old manager, who is a lying b**ch, said I was disruptive.  I never said that.  OK! Magazine this week has a huge exclusive.  I completed that whole 60 hour thing and now I’m on probation.

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FOX411:  Did you meet Tan Mom in rehab?
Abraham:  Yes.  Tan Mom tries her hardest to be a nice person.

FOX411: What advice do you have for young women aspiring to be famous?
Abraham:  I don’t know what to say to the women who aspire to be famous.  You are born for it.  No matter how far you run, it’s always there.  I’ve had a lot of issues.  Girls have big jealously issues with me.  I’m the extreme opposite of what you expect. I’m not about money or fame.  You need to rely on your brain and not your body.

FOX411: Why did you get another boob job?
Abraham:  I needed something there when I had my daughter.  I got saline B-cup implants.  After two years, I wanted more cleavage.  I wanted more boobage.  I got silicon.  I’m the woman I want to be.

FOX411: Will you return to reality TV?
Abraham: A lot of networks want to do a spinoff show.  I don’t want the same experience I had with the last two shows I did.  I want to show more truth and growth.  I’m more about educational value and if these networks are not about it then I’ll skip it.

FOX411: Are you currently dating anyone?
Abraham: I’m not sexually active.  I’m dating three people.  I really like two.  The gentlemen I’m dating are real businessmen who have their own companies and are very successful.  They don’t pay attention to entertainment or the drama.

FOX411: What is the next step in your career?
Abrahams: For me, I don’t always want to rely on being in the public eye and I want to open a restaurant.  I moved to Austin.  People here are open to new ideas.  The restaurant concept is more of a modern-fusion concept.  I’m taking traditional recipes and making a gluten-free, low-fat menu.

FOX411:  Do you fight to be taken seriously since the sex tape went public?
Abraham:  I don’t fight being taken seriously.  When I was on MTV I had to fight every day to be taken seriously.  I had straight A’s and had to fight.  My teachers bullied me in a way. Since leaving that behind I’ve taken charge.  The video did not affect me.  People go, “Farrah is an adult.  It is life.”

FOX411:  Are you looking forward to your guest appearance at the Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Mooresville, North Carolina on July 18th?
Abraham:  I’m very excited about the Vivid Gentlemen’s Club.  I’m very happy to attend their opening.  I’m excited to meet my fans!