EXCLUSIVE: Ali Larter: It's a Boy! I Mean, It's an 'It'!

Rumors have been running rampant over recent weeks that Ali Larter's first child will be a boy.

Now we can put the rumor mill to rest.

The 34-year-old actress accidentally let slip the sex of her unborn child during an exclusive interview with FOX411.com promoting her new film "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D."

"I'm not a gamer, I'm not someone who can sit at the computer and figure out these games — it takes a different kind of genius to get to the different levels and get through the different doors," Larter told us this week while promoting "Resident Evil: 3D," before motioning to her six-month pregnant belly.

"Possible gamer? Well, after watching these movies and hearing all the gunfire I don't know what he's — it's — going to turn out like."


Now that she's expecting, the "Heroes" hottie has developed quite an irritation for a minor thing known as clothing.

"I'm just super pregnant and each moment I want to take off another piece of clothing," she laughed.

Pre-pregnancy, Larter joined forces with former supermodel Milla Jovovich to kick some serious butt in the third installment of the "Resident Evil" franchise, and has developed a serious appetite for ammunition along the way.

"I love shooting different kinds of action sequences and learning the different kinds of guns and how to shoot them properly. I had an Italian beretta that had never been on camera before. When you see this, you see me flinch, when you're three feet away if you hit someone you could seriously hurt someone," Larter added. "But I'm a girl you can trust, I'm a girl you wanna shoot with. You would want me next to you because I'm really good, I'm a great shot, and I listen to my weapons coordinator!"

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