ESPN's Ryen Russillo addresses naked drunken arrest: 'I embarrassed myself'

Ryen Russillo is really sorry.

The disgraced ESPN host apologized again for his behavior as he returned to his radio show Tuesday after he was arrested for allegedly wandering into a stranger’s condo drunk and naked.

"It's all on me. There is no one else,"Russillo said on his ESPN Radio show. "I understand that this is a big mistake, because I’m a public figure, and I have my name on a show, and I work at a place like ESPN, and a place that I’m proud to come in to work every single day."

ESPN suspended Russillo following his August 23 arrest. Russillo said Tuesday said, "And I’m not saying this because my bosses are listening, but I deserved the suspension."

Russillo told his audience that he is "embarrassed" by his actions.

"I embarrassed you guys, I embarrassed myself," he admitted. "I think that all the people that have been arguing for me, and me feeling like the underdog, and finally getting my name, and all these things that have happened the last 12 years here, I don’t want those people in the room that have been fighting for me to give up on me or to feel like, you know — because I have let them down. So I’m sorry to them."

Russillo was arrested in Jackson, Wyoming last month after police responded to a report of a nude, intoxicated male. He was charged with criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum of a $750 fine