‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Willie to daughter Sadie: Don’t turn out like Uncle Jase

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The Duck Commander crew has given up all together on making duck calls and moved onto creating cow-oflauge technology.

“We are going where no redneck has gone before,” said Jase after he bet his salary on his latest invention – a cow blind. He claimed his unusual creation could attract more ducks than other kinds of blinds.

Sadie was following dad Willie for her school’s job shadowing day so Willie agreed to the bet with Jase to teach his daughter a lesson.

“Sadie is following me around for job shadowing day,” Willie explained. “Not to toot my own horn, but I cast one of the biggest shadows in Louisiana. I'm talking about a business shadow not because I'm fat.”

“Leaving Sadie with the guys provided the perfect learning opportunity,” he explained. “Because it’s important in business to know what not to do and what to do.”

Sadie took notes as her uncle and coworkers worked on what turned out to be a crooked-eyed cow-like structure.

“We're like a redneck NASA complete with bearded mad scientists,” said Jase who was certain his invention would pan out.

While they were building, Jep managed to convince his dad to join his kids on a trip to a petting zoo.

“I like animals when they look like this,” Phil said pointing to his plate of BBQ. He reluctantly agreed to watch his grandkids compete in a sheep-riding contest.

Mom Jessica reminded her children that it was only a “friendly competition.” But Papa Phil was not having it.

“Nope, [it’s] a regular competition,” he argued. “Well the way life is, you got winners, you got losers but these days everybody's so worried about everyone’s feelings. Suck it up, life goes on.”

Phil had more advice to share with his “yuppie” grandkids. “When Si and I were kids, there wasn't a whole lot of money lying around. We'd wait until [animal poop] dried out a little bit and we'd throw them at each other.”

“Missiles are coming out the rear end of these animals that can provide a whole lot of [fun] for you children,” Phil told his horrified grandchildren.

“That’s the weirdest thing I've ever heard anyone say,” a grossed out Jep said.

Luckily, Jase was having a better time building his cow blind than younger brother Jep was listening to Phil reminisce about playing with animal feces.

“I have a few masterpieces under my belt,” Jase bragged. “But never has there ever been a better idea than the cow blind.”

As Jase, Uncle Si and Duck Commander employees Martin and Godwin climbed into the cow blind, niece Sadie was not impressed.

“Dad, how do you know when an idea is a bad idea?” Sadie asked her dad.

“Pretty much when four grown men are sitting in a cow,” answered Willie before the family headed to the warehouse for dinner.

“Being a parent means something different to just about every mom and dad out there,” Willie explained. “Some people believe in tough love and some believe in the exact opposite.”

“Some cast a big shadow and some teach by example,” he continued. “We don't always have all the answers for our kids, but what we do have is a ton of love for them, as long as that’s there, everything else is secondary.”