'Duck Dynasty' family album

Kardashians who? The Robertsons are America's new favorite TV family. Let's take a look at some of the moments that made them so easy to love.

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    The Robertson family dressed in their duck-huntin' best. (A&E)
    Courtesy of A&E
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    A few of the Robertson family members traveled from Louisiana to Los Angeles for the 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles. The family-friendly reality stars posed on the red carpet before the show. From left to right: Bella, 'Lil Will,' Korie, Willie, Sadie and John Luke (eldest daughter Rebecca was missing). "Duck Dynasty's" sixth season premiered on June 11. (Reuters)
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    Willie is one lucky guy. His beautiful wife Korie showed him some love on the red carpet at the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington. Attending the affair meant missing out on Uncle Si's wedding ceremony back home in Louisiana. (Reuters)
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    The "Duck Dynasty" star wished her beau good luck before his big game. "Wishing this cutayyy good luck tonight from your #1 fan," she tweeted. "Have fun and be a beast! Take state! Love ya goober." Click here for more "Duck" family photos. (Twitter)
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    Meet Alan Robertson, aka the "beardless brother." The former full-time Louisiana pastor left the pulpit to join his family on the hit reality series. (A&E/Russell A. Graves)
    Russell A. Graves
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    Are the Robertsons planning a move into politics? Willie and wife Korie pose for a picture with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan before U.S. President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech. (Reuters)
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    Fans were introduced to Willie and Korie’s daughter, Rebecca, an exchange student they adopted 10 years ago in the first episode of the 5 season of 'Duck Dynasty.' The 24-year-old spent the past two years in LA interning in the fashion industry but flew back to visit her family. (A&E)
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    They hunt, sing and act too? The Robertson family starred in their church's nativity play which aired on the A&E's Christmas special in December. (A&E)
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    Robertson brothers Willie and Jase showed they know how to clean up when they presented the award for Single of the Year at the 47th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee along with their wives Korie and Missy. (A&E)
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    Fans finally got a glimpse of the fourth (and beardless!) Robertson brother, Alan, who officiated his parents' vow renewal on the hit show. (A&E)
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    Three generations of Robertsons stand around Phil and Miss Kay's kitchen. (A&E)
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    Just try and catch Willie Robertson without his American flag bandana... we dare you. (A&E)
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    Jep Robertson may not look like he's big into grooming, but he actually met his wife, Jessica, because they shared the same hair stylist. Now they have four children together. (A&E)
    Courtesy of A&E
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    You can always count on Uncle Si to keep everyone laughing. (A&E)
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    Before Duck Commander, Phil Robertson attend Louisiana Tech University on a football scholarship. It was believed he had the potential to go pro, but Phil was more interested in hunting than scoring touchdowns.  (A&E)
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    Jase Robertson may be COO of Duck Commander, but he also loves hunting amphibians, calling himself "a frog's worst nightmare." (A&E)
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    The Robertson men enjoy quality guy time in 2012. Maybe they were discussing beard growing techniques? (A&E)
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    The Duck Commander team, Jase Robertson, Justin Martin, Jep Robertson and John Godwin, hang out with NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer.  (A&E)
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    "When you're dealing with young men," Phil Robertson told Men’s Journal, "it's best for them to discover the great outdoors." Here, the whole family gets some fresh air together. (A&E)
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    Willie Robertson performed at the Boots and Hearts Canadian Country Music Festival in Ontario in August 2013. (AP)
    AP-Canadian Press
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    Uncle Si attempts to become one with the ducks. (A&E)
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    On Halloween, Uncle Si creeped out the kids in his bearded beaver costume.  (A&E)
    Courtesy of A&E
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    Plaid is so in! Jep, Si and Willie Robertson stepped out of their element in September 2013 for the Sherri Hill Fashion Show in New York City to support Willie's daughter, Sadie, who was modeling. (AP)
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