Daddy Yankee Reportedly Ordered To Pay $6 Million For Bailing On Concerts

A Florida judge has ordered reggaeton star Daddy Yankee to cough up $6 million to a concert promoter after he bailed on a major concert tour, according to a report by TMZ.

Yankee, whose real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez, was sued in the Sunshine State back in 2011 after he pulled the plug on a 10-city tour in Argentina two days before it was supposed to start.

The concert promoter Diego Hernan De Iraola, head of Five Entertainment, claimed in the lawsuit he lost $800,000 he paid the singer up front and suffered emotional stress, “extreme distress,” “nosebleeds” and even “bleeding in the his eyes” after the “Gasolina” singer cancelled the tour.

De Iraola claimed the Puerto Rican superstar “abruptly and without cause” cancelled the tour and then refused to pay back the money the promoter had already invested in promotion. So he sued for damages – and won with a huge sum.

Ayala, who last month dropped album “King Daddy,” recently said that the future of reggaeton is about giving fans the urban, classic tones that made the genre huge.

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“I have evolved with the genre, but at this moment everything is going backwards,” he said. It’s a cycle where there were many changes and now people are asking for these classic sounds. Now everyone is returning to its basics and I have never stopped being at the root.”

Reps for the performer have not commented on the ruling.

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