Courtney Stodden says she went from a C to a DD, won't rule out releasing sex tape

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After fervently denying any enhancements to her au naturale physique, the now 18-year-old Courtney Stodden underwent breast implant surgery this weekend, bumping up a full two cup sizes.

"In real life, I was a C cup," the reality star, who filmed the surgery, told FOX411. "I've been wearing Victoria's Secret bras that enhance the look of your breast by two cup sizes, which gave the look of a DD."

After four years of "faking" her true cup size, Stodden finally went ahead with her decision despite concerns expressed by her momager.

"When Courtney told me she wanted to get implants, I didn't approve at first," Stodden's mom, Krista Keller told us. "But she is 18 now and it was her decision, so I support her completely."

Her husband of two years, Doug Hutchinson, 53, has also been supportive of the teen and has spent the past few days doting on his recovering wife.

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But Hutchinson wasn't always so understanding of Stodden's plans for breast implants. When she first brought up the "boob conversation" with her husband "he was against it."

"Doug's been supportive through this transformation," she said. "He thinks my results look amazing and he always wants me to be happy."

While Stodden has no current plans for more surgery she admits, "When I get older, as gravity starts taking it's toll, I may be heading back to the plastic surgeon."

Stodden's followers were "shocked" at her newly revealed chest, but she says they have been "supportive and sweet" after the news broke. "I love them all!"

Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham also got upped to a DD this month, and videotaped it just like Stodden did. Abraham also recently released a sex tape, and Stodden, who said she has an unreleased sex tape of her own, doesn't rule out her own XXX debut.

"Never say never," Stodden said. "But as for today, my sex tape is private."