Courtney Stodden Named One of VH1's Top 40 Winners of 2011

Courtney Stodden made headlines this summer when she married "Lost" actor Doug Hutchinson, (he was 51, she was 16). Since then Stodden's Twitter and Facebook antics and penchant for revealing outfits have made he an Internet and entertainment television staple and turned 2011 into a "winning" year.

At least according to VH1.

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Stodden has been named one of the cable channel's Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011, and she told FOX411 what she thinks makes her one of VH1's Top 40 titans.

"I believe I was chosen to be a part of VH1's Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011 because I live freely," she said. "I am not at all afraid to show the world who I am as a person, what I stand for or what I believe in. I radiate nothing but truth and confidence and will continue to  -- always -- as I thank God  for everything along this prosperous journey."

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She also told us what being a winner means to her.

"To me, being a winner means embracing your inner self and allowing it to shine through regardless of what one may think or say," she said.

So how can you adapt Stodden's "winning" formula to your own life?

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"Be yourself, follow your heart and you will be a winner."


Check out the award show on December 7th at 7 pm on VH1. And keep an eye on Stodden in 2012.

"Lots of sweet and sexy surprises in the works," she promises. "Stay tuned!"

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