Courtney Stodden is the Fox411 Breakout Web Celeb of 2011

Courtney Stodden took the Internet by storm when she married “Lost” actor Doug Hutchison this spring.

Why? Because Stodden was 16 and Hutchison was 51, meaning her parents had to okay the union, as she was not even of legal marrying age.

Add to that Stodden's mature appearance -- she had to prove to skeptics she was not years older by producing a birth certificate -- and you have the kind of scandalous story that usually generates a few days of gossip headlines, and then peters out.

But C-Stod managed to take her 15 minutes and turn it into Web and online gossip ubiquity, which makes her’s Breakout Internet Celebrity of 2011.

“I have had so much fun and it’s been a blast up until this point,” Stodden, now 17, told upon being informed of her very high honor. “I look forward to 2012 and I'm going into that with a positive attitude still being spicy and sensual.”

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So watch out world, because this busty blonde baby bride is just getting started. After her single, “Don't Put It On Me” went viral -- it has clocked in at over 3.25 million views this year -- and Stodden was named one of VH1's "40 Winners of 2011," Stodden promises for an even “sexier and sensual” new year, and plans to hit the studio in January.

“I have so many sweet treats in the works,” she said. “I'm going to let 2012 break open some even sexier songs.”

One of the keys to being an Internet sensation these days is harnessing social media, and Stodden proved to be a natural in that respect as well. Calling herself the “alliterative queen of Twitter,” the aspiring singer became a sensation for her unique (to say the least) tweets to her over 80,000 followers.

“I just sit down and I come up with a topic and just write it out,” she said of how she comes up with her tweets. “It just happens to be in alliterations.”

Here are a couple of examples for the uninitiated:

  • Bouncing out the door in a beautiful bronze bikini, sexy sun-hat & high heels as I take my precious pups for a stimulating stroll. XO
  • Lively losing every loose layer of clothing as I leap into a lush pile of lime leaves - Who knew fall liked to bare all? ;)

Her strange style even spawned spin-off sites that provided Stodden tweet translations.

Of course she has had her share of detractors, but she doesn’t care – another key trait of an Internet star.

“I love my fans so much and I love my haters too,” she said. “They’re my motivators and I consider them my fans.”

Stodden is now trying to parlay her Internet chops into a TV gig. The self-proclaimed TMZ addict recently turned down the chance for a reality TV show because she didn't like its negative "relationship rehab" angle, but that does not mean the new bride has given up on reality stardom. Her dream reality show would show her and hubby, Doug, “just living our lives.”

“I would really love to share with people how I live my life and what inspires me," she said. "And I really want to inspire people.”

“I happen to be very entertaining, even in the kitchen,” she continued. “I don’t even know how to crack an egg! I make the biggest mess and Doug gets so mad since he’s a neat freak.”

(Can you imagine the hijinx? Can you?)

For all of her over-the-top behavior and outfits, Stodden says her faith still comes first. She actually peppers her alliterative tweets with straight-from-the-Bible psalms and proverbs, if you can believe it.

“I’m a very religious person and I hold my faith tightly,” she said. “I am going to turn everything into a positive adventure and a beautiful blessing and I hope that everyone will love what I have in store for 2012.”

And now, without further ado, "Don't Put It On Me Girl."