Stodden Style: Courtney Stodden Says Every Girl Needs a Gold Lame Dress in Her Closet

Courtney Stodden took the Internet by storm earlier this year when she married "Lost" actor Doug Hutchinson.


She was 16, and he was 51.

That kind of story usually gets you a day or two of gossip headlines. But Stodden wasn't done. She has since become an Internet and entertainment television staple.

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She and her hubby appeared on Entertainment Tonight to defend their marriage. "(We were) falling and flying on the wings of love together," Courtney explained. The aspiring singer/actress, sick and tired of dealing with rumors that she has had plastic surgery, also went on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers to prove that her large breasts are indeed real.

And to top it off, the couple announced they have their own reality show in the works. (Look out Kardashians!)

So how did she do it? Could part of it be Stodden's unique and decidedly risque style? A style so revealing it got her kicked out of a family pumpkin patch before Halloween?

We had Stodden, now 17, walk us through some of her signature looks. A wardrobe staple for Courtney?

"Every girl needs to have at least ONE tight gold-lame dress in their closet."


Click through our slideshow to find out the secrets of Stodden Style.