CNBC is receiving plenty of blowback for a video offering advice on how to save money when dining out at restaurants -- by tipping waiters a little less.

The network tweeted a video Sunday linked to a February 2018 story. In the video, Zack Guzman -- at the time a multimedia reporter for the network -- offered viewers a “simple tipping trick” that he said could save consumers over $400 a year.

Guzman explained that it’s customary to tip servers 15-20 percent according to the Emily Post Institute, a leading etiquette authority. Still, he posed the question of whether you should tip pre-tax or post-tax, showing a bill for a $100 meal had an additional tax of roughly $8. He referred to tipping pre-tax as a potential “game changer.”

He then suggested to viewers that instead of moving the decimal over from the total and doubling it, which is a common way for diners to calculate the tip, to simply double the tax. Guzman concluded that on his bill, he would save $4 and still tip roughly 18 percent tip, saying that if you dined out twice a week for a year, you could save $416.

The video sparked backlash on social media and was ratio’d on Twitter, meaning it had more responses than likes and retweets.


Guzman responded to critics, arguing that calling out hard-working people who tip less than 20 percent is “just as unfair” as under-tipping a server.

“At no point do I argue not tipping a server. At no point do I argue how to tip. At no point do I say tip less than 15 percent,” Guzman said. “Quite frankly, I was just interested in the fact that some people double the tax to arrive at a tip while others move the decimal to calculate 20 percent like me.”


Guzman also said he'd moved on from CNBC to Yahoo! Finance.

CNBC did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.