'Tip the Bill Challenge' has diners leaving 100 percent gratuity

Food service industry staffers know that the business is hard work, making one kind gesture trending social media challenge all the more appreciated.

In recent days, some generous diners have been leaving 100 percent tips for their servers through the so-called #TipTheBillChallenge and documenting it on social media.

Though it remains unclear at this time exactly where and how the trend began, The Independent claims the movement began in March of this year.


There are currently over 900 #TipTheBillChallenge posts on Instagram, with hundreds more gaining traction on Twitter and Facebook.

For better or worse, people have a whole lot to say about the crusade.

“Just so everyone knows, servers don't make an HOURLY wage! The "2.13" an hr that they do "get" is taxed in accordance with how much we make in tips. Last week my paycheck was 0.30 cents,” one supporter wrote.

“Dont do that. Organize. Start a union and demand your job pays you,” a detractor disagreed of the #TipTheBillChallenge.

“Ppl who r mad abt #tipthebillchallenge and giving all their reasons why server wage is bs and tipping shouldnt be the norm... are all ppl who do nothing to help servers make a real wage and just want to justify not tipping,” another fan of the movement defended.

Meanwhile, some hopeful servers voiced their appreciation for the challenge.

“Feel free to #tipthebillchallenge in my section today,” one tweeted.

“On the real: if someone does the #tipthebillchallenge for me as a server I will cry no questions asked. Servers are so under appreciated,” another agreed.


“For the #tipthebillchallenge I understand how people don’t want to tip more than 20% at a restaurant, especially if the service isn’t very good, but as a server your only source of income are tips. If someone tips 50% or more that goes a long way. Mentally and financially,” one said.

“I used to be a server. So I know the struggles. I know sometimes I don’t have enough to do it. But when I do. I should share what God allowed me share. My waitress was so nice and she deserved it,” a former server mused of the major #TipTheBillChallenge she left.

The latest tipping fad is not to be confused with other gratuity trends of late.

Earlier in August, one anonymous Facebook user’s “cheap and rude” tipping method went viral – for all the wrong reasons. On a more positive note, in late July, one California waitress allegedly received a $2,000 tip from the mysterious “Tips for Jesus” group.