Gwen Stefani isn't a coach on "The Voice" this season, but she's still helping boyfriend Blake Shelton win over contestants!

On Tuesday's episode of the NBC singing competition's audition rounds, singer Ethan Tucker performed a reggae-tinged version of the The Police's 1978 hit "Roxanne."

For the majority of the performance, only coach Adam Levine turned his chair, until, at the last second, Shelton turned as well in a move that almost felt like country crooner was trying to spite his long-time frenemy.

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Tucker seemed hesitant to go with Shelton, listing his musical influences as reggae and blues and not country music -- which is when Shelton pulled out his ace in the hole.

"I do have some serious connections in that reggae/ska world these days," Shelton said, cheekily referring to his girlfriend.

"Really?" Adam fired back. "You're gonna do that?"

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Despite Stefani no longer being a coach on the show, she still clearly has some serious influence over the singers as Tucker ended up joining Shelton's team. After which, the "If I'm Honest" singer really rubbed Tucker's decision in Levine's face.

"I'm not afraid to say I played the Gwen Stefani card," Shelton told cameras after the performance. "If you got it, you gotta use it."