Beyoncé partnering with Pepsi: Best Pepsi spokesperson ever?

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Beyoncé has signed a partnership with Pepsi worth an estimated $50 million. The singer will appear in a new commercial for the brand and make other advertising appearances, while Pepsi will invest in her independent artistic ventures

Is Beyoncé Pepsi's greatest spokesperson ever? There have been plenty, right back to Joan Crawford, who was married to PepsiCo's CEO back in the 1950s and was also a Pepsi advertising executive and part of the company's board of directors.

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Then there were two great musicians: Michael Jackson and Ray Charles. Michael signed up with Pepsi back in 1984, and Ray wrote a song for an ad that he also starred in. And as the '90s progressed, two legendary soul divas — Aretha Franklin and Michael's sister, Janet Jackson — also starred in commercials for the brand.

At the turn of the century, it was time for the superstar pop singers. Britney starred in a number of commercials throughout the 2000s, including the famous "Gladiator" campaign, and Christina Aguilera signed on in 2005 despite having already worked for Coca-Cola.

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Who do you think is Pepsi's greatest spokesperson ever?