Bethenny Frankel wants to party after divorce

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"Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel is gearing up for a wild party after her divorce from Jason Hoppy is finalized.

The Skinnygirl mogul has been separated from Hoppy since 2012 but the pair are still legally married as property negotiations are ongoing.

"I think things are coming to a head. I feel like the end is near," she told E! News.

Frankel said her prolonged divorce has taken a toll on her.

"I feel like I've survived something...I feel different," she said. "The weight is coming off of me, and you can't fake it and you can't pretend you're happy. When it sucks it sucks, and it's starting to not suck as much."

But when a judge finally signs off on her divorce, she's going to celebrate.

"Will I go out for dinner? Are you kidding? I'm gonna be giving myself Skinnygirl enemas," she joked to E!. "I'm gonna be funneling Skinnygirl down my best friends' throats and my assistants are gonna be naked. We're gonna be hanging from chandeliers in Times Square: body paint...coming out of cakes, fireworks, strippers, young men, making out with strangers, one night stands, five night stands. Yeah, I think maybe I might have a celebration. Oh, yeah, and maybe dinner."