Anna Faris doubts Chris Pratt can keep hunting resolution

Anna Faris' Seattle Seahawks may not be going to the Super Bowl this year, but that doesn't mean the "Mom" star isn't gearing up for the big game.

“The Panthers, you know, they have been amazing, and I’m rooting for them," said Faris, who is teaming with Lays chips for the Super Bowl. "They’re a young, fast team … but my Seahawks are forever in my heart.”

Faris and husband Chris Pratt both root for Seattle, but the couple doesn't agree on everything.“The Jurassic Park” star announced his New Year’s resolution was to only eat what he kills himself in 2016.

But Faris predicts Pratt will not keep his resolution.

“I have a funny feeling he won’t stick to it, but I do love the idea, you know, if you enjoy hunting, which he does," she said. "He loves it that you’re responsible and you eat what you harvest, as he calls it.”

Faris has yet to join Pratt on any harvesting expeditions.

“When we first started dating, you know, how you do that thing where you pretend that you’re somebody different because you’re crushing hard, so of course I was like, ‘I would love to go hunting with you someday,’" she said ."And now that we’ve been married for a while I’m like ‘we’re good.'"

An active social media user, Faris also shares a great deal about her private life including her relationship with her mother.

“It was always important for her to raise me as a very independent person. I think she always wanted me to never have to depend upon a man financially, and I feel really grateful for that,” said “The House Bunny” star.

One of the most important lessons her mom taught her was to“be selfish in love, and that was a really tough one for me to embrace because I think as women, and lots of men, too, but we tend to put a man’s needs first or sort of identify ourselves through our relationship more than men do sometimes," she said. "I think that I really appreciate that idea, you know what make sure that you find a partner who really, really loves you and respects you and cares for you, and I feel like Chris is all those things, but it just took a minute.”