'America's Got Talent' recap: 9-year-old singer stuns again

The easy part is over on this season of “America’s Got Talent.” There are no more new acts coming in and on Tuesday night, the remaining contestants were to be shaved down to a lucky seven.

With the stakes this high, the normal number of judges simply isn't enough to make these tough calls. A guest fifth member of the panel will be brought in each week to break any ties.

Additionally, the judges will have a singular golden buzzer that will send one contestant automatically through to the live round. To kick things off, the show borrowed the star power of “The Wall” and “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick.

The show got off to a good start with a dancing dog and an incredible singing group. And then came the comedians.

It takes a lot for a stand-up act to get through the whole competition, especially when they’re forced to go back-to-back. After a less-than-impressive act cooled off the crowd, it was up to Harrison Greenbaum to keep things going. He managed to win over the crowd and the judges with a single joke that impressed everyone, particularly Hardwick, who got his start in stand-up.

Hardwick exerted his influence again when the Dancing Pumpkin Man returned to the stage. The man simply dances in tights and a pumpkin mask, but his viral fame impressed the nerd-culture savvy guest judge, who gave him a standing ovation. However, the DPM's ability to showcase a bit of charm while interacting with the judges was what really helped a bizarre act win over the crowd.

From there, the show roared back to life as the incredible singing 9-year-old, Angelica Hale, took the stage to follow up on her golden buzzer perofrmance during the auditions. The soon-to-be older sister gave the judges pause when she said she’d be singing Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.” However, if Angelica has any talent, it's for making an older voice come out of a younger human. By the time she finished, the audience was cheering for a golden buzzer, which Hardwick was happy to deliver.

The next big shocker of the night came when escape artist Demian Aditya returned with an even more extraordinary act. This time, against the urging of his wife, Aditya attempted the infamous buried alive escape. The judges and the entire crowd were moved outside as he took his position. As dirt began to pile on his makeshift grave, the camera feed from within the box went down. That’s when Aditya’s wife began to panic and fight her way through. Even Simon Cowell got up and began to look concerned. However, in the end, it was all an elaborate trick that his wife may or may not have been in on. Aditya revealed that he was one of the hooded men filling the hole the entire time.

After that came the eliminations and the first one through was, of course, Angelica Hale. Next was Aditya, followed by the Masqueraders, Sara Carson, Singing Trump, Just Jerk and Eric Jones.