American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Steals the Show

Jessica Sanchez crushed the competition on American Idol Wednesday night, singing a spot-on rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “Love You I Do” from the film “Dream Girls,” and receiving the only standing ovation of the evening from the judges.

Filled with swag and high notes, Sanchez nailed the vocals and the theatrics. The judges couldn’t believe that Sanchez had been in the hospital all week prior to taking the stage.

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“I had to go to the doctor,” an emotional Sanchez told American Idol host Ryan Seacrest minutes before performing. “I’m worried about my song… my voice is horse and soar.”

America then got to see video clips of the singer’s home and family. They also got to see her fashion sense.

“I love shopping!” said an excited Sanchez, who is seen in the clip with her younger cousin and uncle heading to a San Diego mall.

“My little cousin is my main supporter,” she added. “She looks up to me. I’m down to being a role model.”

The Philippine-Mexican contestant filled the stage with swag and shook her hips. She wore a glittery ensemble and high, black platforms.

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“I don’t know about no doctor,” said stunned Idol judge Randy Jackson. “What's really happening [is] that girl can sing!”

“One of the best in the two nights!” he added. “How old is she?! A voice to be reckoned with.”

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Sanchez, 16, also had Jennifer Lopez smiling.

“You’re beyond your years,” said a visibly satisfied Lopez.

Steven Tyler agreed with JLO.

“They are going to have to pay you next time,” said Tyler.

Latino Idol alums from season 10, Julie Zorilla and Jovany Barreto quickly took to Twitter to congratulate Sanchez.

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“If you guys aren't voting your fingers off for @JSanchezAI11 - GO DO IT NOW!!!!!!” Zorilla tweeted on Wednesday.

“Congrats @JSanchezAI11 I'm hearing GREAT things!! @AmericanIdol#AI11”posted Barreto.

Sanchez expressed an overwhelming feeling of achievement.

"I've been sick all week and my vocals magically came out,” she dished backstage, nearly in tears.

“I got a standing ovation from the judges! I feel amazing and I hope America feels the same."

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