Woman With Gun at Charlotte TV Station in Custody

North Carolina police have taken a suspect into custody after a local TV station was forced to halt its evening newscast when a woman with a gun stormed into the station, sparking a standoff with police and forcing employees to evacuate.

The general manager of the station says no hostages were taken and no one was injured.

Joe Pomilla said after Charlotte ABC affiliate WSOC-TV went back on the air Tuesday that a security guard approached the woman and she pulled a gun and put it to her head. He says the guard got out and someone called police.

The building was then locked down and employees told to leave, he said.

Pomilla says the woman was distraught over something but not angry with the station. He says she felt it was a place she could speak her mind.

The station was in the middle of its 5 p.m. news broadcast when the incident occurred, reportedly prompting the station to switch to 10 minutes of commercials before signing off altogether.

The woman was later taken into police custody. Her identity was not immediately available.

Several employees are tweeting that they are being allowed back into the building.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.