Webcam spying plaintiff's sister sues Pa. district

A suburban Philadelphia school district that paid more than $600,000 to settle allegations it used laptop webcams to spy on students is being sued by the sister of the original plaintiff.

Nineteen-year-old Paige Robbins filed a federal lawsuit against the Lower Merion School District on Thursday. She says the district secretly captured embarrassing images of her at home through her school-issued laptop's webcam.

Her brother, Blake Robbins, sued the district last year over software that allowed school employees to remotely activate the webcams to track missing computers.

Blake Robbins received $175,000 of a $600,000 settlement. Paige Robbins' lawyer, Mary Elizabeth Bogan, says her client's rights weren't addressed in that case.

District spokesman Doug Young calls the new lawsuit "an attempted money-grab." He says an investigation recovered no images of Paige Robbins.