Warrant issued for rapper behind video showing handgun, LAPD officer

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Los Angeles police issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for a suspect in connection to a viral video that shows a police officer, then pans to a handgun.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the video, which runs 15 seconds, is recorded from inside a vehicle following behind a police car. After filming the police officer in the squad car, the camera films what appears to be a handgun. In describing the video, The Times reported, “The person briefly angles the gun for the camera before hiding it under some sort of sweatshirt or blanket.”

Police said they became aware of the silent video last week and determined it was filmed by a 1990s rap group looking to make a comeback, according to the paper. Authorities told the paper that it is unclear who is responsible for the video, filmed in downtown Los Angeles, but said it appeared to be someone "stalking" the officer seen in the footage.

Police labeled the video as entertainment and not a threat, but it is reportedly a violation of state law to flash a handgun inside a car. A warrant has been issued for the suspect and police ask that he turn himself in.