Although a day late for the Preakness, a fully saddled horse was found running at a pretty good clip in the middle of a Houston highway and stopped by alert drivers who managed to snag the horse and take it to safety.

"Only in Houston you see a horse on the freeway trying to get home to watch the Rockets game," Tomas Hurta posted on Facebook, CLick2Houston.com reported.

It is unclear how the horses ended up on U.S. 59 in the first place, but the video is remarkable.

Drivers can be seen weaving to get around the horse and eventually they tried to corral it. The driver of the car filming the situation can be seen pulling up alongside the horse and blocks it between another pick-up. A woman in the other truck manages to grab it by the reins.

The horse then could be seen walking alongside the pick-up while being held by the reins. Cars by that point were slowed to a crawl.

“They just saved that horse’s life, that’s what they did,” the driver could be heard saying. The driver theorized that someone fell off of the horse and the horse took off.

It is unclear how the horse got away from its owner.