Veteran, 87, completes high school seven decades after his time on active duty

An 87-year-old veteran in Ohio who never got the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma because he was drafted into the armed forces has finally received it, seven decades later.

Robert Quincel was one of 11 children in his household, but was forced to stop going to South High School in South Columbus, Ohio to help provide for his family after his mother was injured.

He was then drafted by the Army to fight in the Korean War, but then spent time in the Navy reserves doing drills after a heart murmur was discovered.

Quincel and his wife, Marjorie, now have three kids and 12 grandchildren. All of them had diplomas, except for Robert.

"I think I earned it from having hard knocks," he told FOX28 after he received his diploma Tuesday, adding: "It really does mean something, especially, when you know, all these years have passed."

Quincel proudly holding on to his honorary high school diploma.

Quincel proudly holding on to his honorary high school diploma. (Fox 28 Columbus)


Quincel's daughter then came across legislation that allows veterans to get their diplomas and "just thought I should see if I can get one,” he said.

The family sent in the paperwork for Quincel - and after it got lost, they tried to get through a second time - and it worked.

Quincel and his wife were given a ride to a recent board meeting by the station and he received the honorary degree in front of some of his family members.

“Your heart will never let you down if you keep on trying, education… is the best thing you can get, thank you,” the veteran said during the ceremony.

The 87-year-old hopes his story is a source of inspiration for anyone to keep trying to reach their goals.