Utah cops hunt for suspect in road rage machete attack

A road-rage incident in Utah led to a violent confrontation between an unarmed man and a man wielding a machete last week, with the incident caught on surveillance video near the victim's home.

Jason Harper, who suffered a deep laceration on his cheek, confronted the man who reportedly followed him to his Orem home. Orem is a town near Provo. Fox 13 reported that the incident started at a nearby school crossing zone.

The video reportedly shows Harper pulling into his driveway and running back to confront the alleged attacker, who was exiting his car.

“He grabs the machete and pulls it out and swung at me,” Harper told the station. “It [the knife] hit me right here in the face, but I ducked. Luckily I ducked a little bit, and he caught the side of my cheek.”

The video is grainy and the identities of either man is difficult to distinguish. Harper did not know his alleged attacker, but described him as white, heavyset and in his 40s.

Police said if someone follows a driver to their home after a road-rage incident, the person should call police instead of confronting them.