University leader forced out for Irma evacuation plan

While students at the University of South Florida's St. Petersburg campus hunkered down in preparation for a hit from Hurricane Irma, their leader fled to Atlanta.

Sophia Wisniewska, the regional chancellor for the Tampa-based university, negotiated a resignation Monday as university officials were set to fire her for incompetence and "lack of leadership."

The Tampa Bay Times reports Wisniewska insinuated to her boss that she remained on campus as Irma approached, even saying in an email that things were quiet and she could hear the birds chirping.

Ten students who remained in the dorms were ordered out Sept. 9 as the storm approached.

In a draft termination letter, university President Judy Genshaft wrote that Wisniewska's "conduct created an intolerable safety risk to our students."

Wisniewska told the Times she resigned without hard feelings.