Union backs bus driver fired after fight with teen passenger

A union representing a Wisconsin bus driver who was fired after he engaged in a fight with a teenage passenger is pushing to get his job back.

A video from inside the bus shows the driver, identified as Scotty Wells, confront the teen when he boards the bus because of alleged problems with him on previous rides.

The teen responded with vulgar language and approached the driver’s seat. The teen then punched Wells twice and broke his glasses in the process.

Wells then abandoned the driver’s seat with the bus in motion and fought back, later telling police he “feared for his life.”

The bus then rolled into multiple parked cars.

Police were called and the teen was arrested for battery and recklessly endangering safety.

Wells, an employee of Kenosha Transit, was subsequently fired.

The union is reportedly set to meet with the city administrator to discuss Wells’ firing, Kenosha News reported.

Rick Bassler, acting president of Local 998 said Wells was angry about being being punched and was defending himself, Kenosha News reported.

The teen was released to his mother ahead of his scheduled court date.

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