Tucker Carlson to immigration lawyer: You’re never going to win anyone over until you can look the facts in the face

Fox News' Tucker Carlson squared off with a New York City immigration lawyer Tuesday over criticism of the NYPD for working with immigration authorities, despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's pledge that Gotham was a "sanctuary city."

The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host and public defender Lori Zeno discussed the practice, which Zeno had called "outrageous" in an interview with the New York Daily News.

"So you’re saying it’s outrageous that Mayor De Blasio doesn’t ‘have the back’ of a convicted illegal alien sex offender who molested someone else on the subway?" Carlson asked Zeno. "He should have his back?"

"I’m not saying whether the mayor should have somebody’s back or not," Zeno responded. "The mayor came on television and said, ‘New Yorkers, we’re all safe, don’t worry.’ And in fact, they’re not. When they come to court, they are not safe."

"You want to make it about everybody," Carlson retorted. "But I’m just saying, if you were on the subway and got molested by [an illegal immigrant] maybe you’d ask ‘What’s he doing in this country?’ And how did he get back after being convicted of sexually assaulting a child?"

"Maybe this one person molested a child, he was convicted of that, but it’s a bigger issue when you’re talking about government," Zeno said. "You’re talking about a promise that we’re a sanctuary city. In fact, the NYPD is calling immigration and turning these people in."

"You’re gliding over the tragedy that took place to an individual ... because it’s inconvenient to your argument," Carlson came back. "You’re never going to win anyone over until you can look the facts right in the face and respond to them."