Tornado warning for Southeast Louisiana

A tornado warning has been issued Wednesday afternoon for parishes in Southeast Louisiana, the National Weather Service said.

Meteorologists detected a severe thunderstorm they said is capable of producing a tornado in Central Plaquemines Parish. The storm system is moving south at 25 mph.

The warning will be in effect until 12:45 p.m. local time.

Much of Plaquemines Parish, a vulnerable finger of land that juts into the Gulf of Mexico, remained under as much as 5 feet of water after Hurricane Isaac, Parish President Billy Nungesser said. The Category 1 hurricane walloped the parish, and for many, the damage was worse than that from Katrina in 2005.

"I've never seen water come up this quick this fast," he said.

Nungesser said there were reports that cattle in the largely rural parish took refuge on porches. In one instance, cattle broke through a window and lumbered onto furniture to stay above water.

Controlled breaches of one overtopped levee and additional pumps are being used to get rid of the water.

The Associated Press contributed to this report