Toddler in Florida dies after being left in hot car

A toddler in Florida died Saturday after he was trapped inside a hot car parked outside a home, police said.

One-year-old Khayden Saint Saveur was found about 3:20 p.m. inside the BMW that was parked outside a Delray Beach home, according to the Sun Sentinel. Delray Beach police said Khayden was playing with other children and may have been trapped in the car for hours before the family found him.

Police found Khayden unconscious when they arrived at the scene and administered CPR. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It's unclear how the toddler entered the vehicle. There was one adult at the home at the time, the Sun Sentinel reported. Police are conducting an investigation.

Khayden was just one month away from celebrating his second birthday.

A car sitting outside in the Florida heat in July can reach up to 150 degrees, according to police. Temperatures reached 90 degrees in Delray Beach on Saturday.