Three suspects in custody after Colorado officer killed responding to call

A Colorado police officer was killed while responding to a call about a suspicious person, Fox News confirms.

Lakewood Police initially reported that the suspect in the shooting was also killed, but have since changed that statement and are only reporting that the officer is killed, reports.

Officers responding to the call at 2 a.m. Friday heard shots being fired in the neighborhood located near Denver. They were able to remove three residents from the inside house where the shots were coming from and take them into custody before more were fired. Police now say the officer may have been shot by another officer.

Police have not identified the suspect or the officer killed, but said he was with the department for six or seven years and was in his mid 30s.

“This is the first Lakewood Police officer we’ve lost in the history of the department. And that goes back to 1969,” Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis in a press conference.

Davis said there was a lot of confusion when officers responded to the home and the investigation is ongoing.

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