The worst person in New York has been arrested

The low-life crook who was caught on camera plucking a wad of cash out of an elderly woman's bra has been brought to justice — and the 93-year-old thanked The Post for exposing the heist.

“I feel a little more relieved now. I’ve been praying they find him and thankfully, they caught him quickly,” Maria Vasquez said Friday, just hours after 26-year-old Broyoan Lopez was arrested for the wretched robbery.

“I was hoping he would be caught,” she said. “I am thankful to all of you — especially [The Post]. You were the first ones to report this and without you they would not have found him.”

Lopez was forced to face the music Friday morning after being taken into custody and held at the 25th Precinct — just three blocks from the Regines clothing store where he mugged wheelchair-bound Maria Vasquez on Wednesday.

Still sporting the same man-bun he was rocking in the despicable surveillance video, Lopez didn’t say a word as he was led out of the police station and into an unmarked police vehicle at around 11:30 p.m.