The Political Horse Race Enters the Final Laps

It’s pretty quiet on the campaign trail with only Bernie Sanders holding a live event, and that doesn’t happen until tonight.

Most of the candidates are fundraising (or resting) after weeks of tough campaigning.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and John Kasich emerged as big winners in this week’s primaries. We still don’t know the official outcome in Missouri.. the results won’t be certified for several days and then there may be a recount as less than 1% separate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump making headlines as usual after he suggested on CNN that there would be riots if he was denied the nomination.

Ted Cruz set to begin targeting John Kasich in a bid to get to a two man race with Donald Trump. Cruz says only he can challenge Donald Trump in the race for delegates.

A contested convention is looking increasingly likely as it doesn’t appear any GOP candidate can get to the magic number before the Cleveland convention.

There’s a good piece today about Hillary Clinton’s big victories so far. She’s nearly clinched the nomination, but has some vulnerabilities.

Doug Schoen writes about Hillary as what he calls a “shaky favorite.

Daniel Henninger writes about John Kasich in the Wall Street Journal today.

Merrick Garland was nominated to be the replacement for Antonin Scalia yesterday in a Rose Garden Ceremony during our show. He’s set to begin making the rounds today on Capitol Hill, and will meet with several Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called Garland yesterday, but told him not to bother meeting with him as he won’t be coming up for a vote on McConnell’s watch.

There’s also a piece today in the WSJ about how GOP Senators should handle the Garland nomination.

Major increase in demand for bug spray as the Zika virus continues to spread.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is testifying before a House Committee today on the Flint lead-in-the-water crisis.

A Kurdish separatists group is claiming responsibility for a horrific terror attack in Turkey. It killed 37 people.

Street protests expected today in Brazil after the embattled president Dilma Rousseff appointed her mentor and former President Luiz da Silva to be her chief of staff. The move gives him shelter from prosecution for corruption and bribery. Both leaders are under fire and under investigation.

Frank Sinatra Jr has died at the age of 72. He was a popular singer who carried on in his famous father’s footsteps on the stage.

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