The Latest: Theater gunman's psychiatrist says she saw no signs he was planning deadly attack

11:40 a.m. (MDT)

A psychiatrist who treated Colorado theater shooter James Holmes says he showed no signs that he was planning to kill people.

Dr. Lynne Fenton testified Tuesday about the months before the 2012 shooting, when she treated Holmes for anxiety. Fenton says he told her he thought about killing people, but that he showed no signs of having a firm plan.

Fenton testified that she's had other patients who talked about wanting kill people. Fenton says when patient tells her that, she tries to find out if they have a plan for killing people or have any targets in mind.

In Holmes' case, she said, "there were no signs of that."


10 a.m. (MDT)

A psychiatrist who treated James Holmes in the months before he opened fire on a Colorado movie theater has taken the stand in Holmes' trial.

Dr. Lynne Fenton testified Tuesday that Holmes told her he had homicidal thoughts, but she said they weren't directed at a particular person.

Fenton saw Holmes five times in 2012 while he was a neuroscience graduate student at the University of Colorado. She prescribed him medication for depression and anxiety.

Other witnesses have said Fenton knew that Holmes had thoughts of killing people but she didn't believe he would act on those thoughts.

Fenton's testimony is the first time she has spoken publicly about Holmes and their therapy sessions.

Holmes mailed Fenton a notebook hours before the shootings that killed 12 and injured 70.